i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2boys ?

here im wanna say. i want u to know. hahaha :P i think i like them. lets say the first name is Mr.A n the second is Mr.B... they same age with me. ops... before that, im failed it SCIENCE in this excel3. what the fuck i dont know. its E. 36 ony?... what stupid ! huhhhhh... ok ok. i dont know why i have this feeling. i likes 2 boys. or maybe might fall in love with them. but i just cant say it right thru their face. Mr.A always help me on study. he kind. but he not same school as me. Mr.B is freindly i think. he can be friend with anyone. sometimes he funny. kind...... but i dont know if two of them is single. or maybe love me?... or they have another girl. or what ever. because im fat, im shy to them. n its not good if a girl saying that they love the boy. the boy must the first that the girl. i dont know. i have my big exam. but still this feeling. i cant study well. i keep thingking what is this feeling. why i have this? why i keep think of them. both of them. am i crazy? or what?.... what if i love them? both?.... hmmmm... fucking hard to say. i have this feeling when im near to my big crappy exam... huhhhh. my subject.... uhhhh. i dont know. i need some one. a friend. to help me. but i dont have real friend. that pretend that he/she my besties too. am i in love?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What a FRIEND ?... huh. are u so that perfect?... what if im doing this to u? what are u feel?.... first time, yeah i said i take care of u. second, i miss u. third i love u. forth, we close each other... finally, i mus give u this three words. FUCK MY ASS ! shit

Monday, September 6, 2010


Saya Tak Sanggup Melihat Mu Mengalirkan Air Mata ;(
i promise to be a good girl :)