i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, August 21, 2010


hmmm... im down into this... the real question is What am i gonna be in the future?.... when im getting older?... i ask my mom, she said its up to u... i ask my dad, he mad at me ,,why? i also dont know.... my hobbies are?... many ! many ! many ! i love to swim, eat, driving car(??bonus $$$) chatting, onlining, games, karate, squash, badminton, taekwando(in my mind for just 2sec) eyes doctor or what ever u called it.. doctor?... actly i hate science.... hating it since im in primary. i dont know why.... harharharhar !!! i just felt that i wanna be a chef?...ohh no chef??....yes Chef Haanii?...omg... actly i like to cook but i never had a time to spend at kitchen... i like to cook because eating make someone be a smart, slim, clever, energy n etc... hmmm, wanna be a teacher?... yeahh i would love to but maybe it not suitable for me?....hahahaha oh god help me !!!!!!!!!!!!! its time for me to choose what am i gonna be next... but i cant choose it... im scared that when im in that class n i regret then i cant change my course again... who i wanna be?... an athlete?... yeahh, i hve the talent i think... but how about musician?... i love music... its my life.... but .... theres a BUT in my heart... i dont know what am i gonna be next. doctor?athlete?musician?chef?teacher?engeenier?acountain?.... pleaseeeee... anyone..... help me find the truly n the best for my self.. what course shud i prefer?.....WHAT COURSE??... because i will love to learn what am i gonna study in me bestiest course.... ***i made a new spectacle..... :P bcoz it broken when im at Sandakan febuary, for a karate tournament.... n my dad not stop blabing until now ! uhhuuhuh

Thursday, August 19, 2010

today baby :P

this is what we called Gamelan. its awesome ! i like to play when the rythm is *inang cina* best !! u shud try it...^^

this is saron penerus, this is what instrument that i played in Gamelan, gamelan is a tradition music from Indonesia... tis is the cutes one.. its sound like *ting ting * what r u think of?.. hahaha :P whatever.... its the cute part on this song :)

i hope that i can be like this one day... one day ! i will ... i want to show u that i love music... melody... its make me alive.. n now im living with it... whatever is , my life walk with music. ;) actually, i just cme back from school, i hve my extra class music... its started at 11.30-12.30pm but im so naughty ! im there until 2pm. wahhahaha.. today or tmorrow gonna meet Syarulniza AJ^^ excited !!! she will gve me CHOCOLATE ! mint chocolate...uuuyehhhh i waited for u k.. hahah :P
with the melody of music, i can express what im feeling, sad, happy, boring rock?..yeahh love it much... last 2years i took art for my extra subject but tis year until today i change my sub bcoz i changed my school. no other classes that i can enter bcoz of my bad result. so i choose to stay with the music class. the only music class in my form. just we, 27student that can entered the music class. in my music class, we hve guitars, pianos,violins,gamelan,kompang,drum,saxafone n many more that i dont even know what r they called. woahhh ! we studied with comfortable. theres aircon :P hahaha wat ever ! i can scream like i want, we can make up our face there... we sing together... we fight together... its fun, i can erase all my sadness with music... even i never study about music for 2years. but still, for this excel2 i past my music... yeahh ! i become upper than the other that study music since they 13years old maybe for few years... woahhh ! i cant believe... i will study a lot about music.. if i can, i wanna be a musician... i will swept all your tears, i play what song u want to hear.... yeahhh... its fun.... i fresh with music... i love music... forever !!! ;) <3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

week before tournament ^^

then i do something naughty with JOEL CHEN FAN KEN , HELMIAH , AARON XAVIER , IVAN CHAN CUN HOW !! hahaha just we know k ! its secret, sorry !! hahahha

KATA ?? THIRD place ;(
KUMITE ?? FIRST PLACE :))) 9-1 final !! hahahha

sory ! late update.. ;) hehehhe I LOVE MY MOM !!! ;) MUAKX !!!! she bought me new mobilephone before tonourment( last week),, looks ok?..whatever ! asalkan haani dpt bmsj, dgr lagu n also snap pic :)...hehe mom,,,,,i will prove it till my PMR !!! i give u my best shot...

hahahhaha :P exam??
BM - not yet
BI - 50 C *ohhh fuck me out
music - 40 D *its my worst marks for this, i will cnfirm it that i can improve after this !
pj - not yet
sivik - 74 B
SCIENCE - not yet
ERT - 53 C
whatever ! but ... i improve a lot... i love it ! now, i got no D gred !.... i didnt study at all... but i keep enjoy my time with my mom.. before this exam, i follow my mom to cocuriculum camping dalam hutan !... frogie sound, eyurkkkk ! hahahahha but i enjoy ! singing together there.. slept there... i enjoy even tomorrow was my exam... to relaxing my brain... ;) I LOVE U MOM !