i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Dewan Tasik Titiwangsa 12 & 13 MARCH 2011

the training was like hell yeahhhh !... im gonna stay remembering Allah. if not, totally i death on the spot. hahahah !!!!..... 6.30 am jogging, 5meter run, naik turun tangga 6set. Breakfast n then dojo training start at 9-12... after lunch 3-6pm dojo training again n rest at night... n that my schedule for everyday for 1week i guees. >.<>.<>>.<< after few hours, we all safe arrived to KKIA.. awhhhh, miss my hometown... i just cant forget my memories there. LABUAN, SARAWAK, PENANG,KL, TO ALL SABAHAN, I MISS YOU ! speechless **crying, sobs sobs sobs... ;(((..... i love to be karatekas. i love u all. i miss u all. keep in touch friends^^ (sorry for wrong english or grammar, i know im to bad )

Tambunan tournament

sucks !.. haha... im coaching then tranform to be judge n then kumite, inv. kata. team kata... i was like WHAT?... can u believe i can tranform 5 diferent character in 1 hour?.... so damn ! hahahhaa. nevermind. i past with success in exam to Judge B. i got bronze in team kata. lose in ind. kata. gold in kumite +59.. huhhhh. just missing it. the moment Intan with me. Niza n me. Tita n me. Gulubung,alvin n Me.... awhhhhh~ its was just like that... to be a good karatekas is not easy. :)