i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Thursday, December 2, 2010


hahaha :P. thanks sebab remind sy psl blog. lupa beranis suda ni :P hahahaha. xpenah suda aq buat blog ni. ahahhaha :P... forget. when they comes to me n i forget bout this blog. like i never create it before. hahahaa :P... actly Aaron Xavier@bung@bangLau just join our group. hmmmm. ken?.. i dont know bout him anymore. its just not him. bukan dia yang dulu lagi. :) Elvy ~ i miss u. How~ plss cover yr stupidness ^^.. hahhaha :P kpd hairi yg mbaca ~ thanks, love u !... whahhahahhaha :P :P :P

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its about book i read n around me.

i hve this book. in title "Gadis Piano" n "my Memory"... the ending of this story tell me that the first character was dead by an accident. hmmmm. everyday i heard my friend relatives or uncle or cuzy was die.. will i losing all of my friend?... i just cant accept it. truly ! i love them. i will nothing if not with them.. i cant losing them. dear god, can u hear me here. i begging u. dont take my family. dont take my friends. especially Elvy,Kacy,Ken,How... will i live in this world without them?... yeahh. maybe. i dont know. but please. this time only. dont take them form me. i love them. but i hate them tooo. but yeahhh, i love, okay okay. hmmmm. they always there everyday in my life nowadays. miss them. hope we will be together until the end of our life. when we getting older. have our own grandchild. n we grouping together. talk about our teenager story. looking at the picture. the memories we had. i just felt i wanna cry. i wanna all of u to know. before i die i want u to remember me, as a close friend to u... i love u. no wonder i can find a good friend like u all. yeahh, kacy u are stupid. but we together. then we all stupid. idiot. we such a things together. i cant imagine that i would lose u.... but what if u all losing me?... i dont knw. maybe u all like when im not exist in this world again. haha. whatever. okay, im sorry to said that. am i tooo emotional now?.. yeahh maybe... who knows. like im crying?... yeahhh. i will not show u my sadness.... bcuz u dnt want to see u sad like me... i sad bcuz afraid of losing u,, MY FRIENDS :)... i love u... if u read this. dont tell anybody. this is secret just between u and i :) muahhhhxoxo... 10.40pm 11thnovember'10

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


the boy with watch : Joel Chen Fan Ken
the girl holding straw : Elvy Steacy
the boy with spoon : Ivan Chan Chun How
the girl with necklace : Haanii lorea

Tanjung Aru Beach. Kota Kinabalu. we on the foot from Airportview. >.< some exercise ^^ awhhhh. btw, we had good time. love u <3 Muahxx !

nice view eihhh?... hehe. yeahh. who take tat pic?... its me ok. thanks to me. :)... yeahhh. happy to be with them. finally i found my truly real best friend in this world. our friendship was like the ocean that never separated . i just dnt type or talk it. its just real. hahaha. kidding ! stupid ! idiot ! hahaha. yeahhh. really. i meant it. I LOVE U !!! its true. hope we cant last forever even we far from each other. Che~niza syst~dira ( missing you, take care k ) dont forget me <3

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Time ^^ :) :) :) :)

After upgrading, we went to kfc. ate x-meal for rm13. :) then we went to Honey Sweet for coca-cola float :)... yummy time ^^ awhhhhh. Sory Elvy.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


its good when im FREE !... :D wahhhhhhh .. PMR IS OVER !.... muahhhhx... im freeeedoooom !... wanna doing my stuff^^ hahahahha. NO ONE CAN STOP ME. sometimes i miss him. the spec guy :P wahhahahhhaa. for 3years i know him(another person) but nowadays he look awesome :)... he aloves sports. hmmm?.. what do u think?.... i know someone. he request for my number. glad to hear his VOICE <3 :) whahahahaa. hope that MY WIND will blow something special to me. like i always wanted. bhahahahha. time to go now. daaa ~ hugz ! hugz!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2boys ?

here im wanna say. i want u to know. hahaha :P i think i like them. lets say the first name is Mr.A n the second is Mr.B... they same age with me. ops... before that, im failed it SCIENCE in this excel3. what the fuck i dont know. its E. 36 ony?... what stupid ! huhhhhh... ok ok. i dont know why i have this feeling. i likes 2 boys. or maybe might fall in love with them. but i just cant say it right thru their face. Mr.A always help me on study. he kind. but he not same school as me. Mr.B is freindly i think. he can be friend with anyone. sometimes he funny. kind...... but i dont know if two of them is single. or maybe love me?... or they have another girl. or what ever. because im fat, im shy to them. n its not good if a girl saying that they love the boy. the boy must the first that the girl. i dont know. i have my big exam. but still this feeling. i cant study well. i keep thingking what is this feeling. why i have this? why i keep think of them. both of them. am i crazy? or what?.... what if i love them? both?.... hmmmm... fucking hard to say. i have this feeling when im near to my big crappy exam... huhhhh. my subject.... uhhhh. i dont know. i need some one. a friend. to help me. but i dont have real friend. that pretend that he/she my besties too. am i in love?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What a FRIEND ?... huh. are u so that perfect?... what if im doing this to u? what are u feel?.... first time, yeah i said i take care of u. second, i miss u. third i love u. forth, we close each other... finally, i mus give u this three words. FUCK MY ASS ! shit

Monday, September 6, 2010


Saya Tak Sanggup Melihat Mu Mengalirkan Air Mata ;(
i promise to be a good girl :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


hmmm... im down into this... the real question is What am i gonna be in the future?.... when im getting older?... i ask my mom, she said its up to u... i ask my dad, he mad at me ,,why? i also dont know.... my hobbies are?... many ! many ! many ! i love to swim, eat, driving car(??bonus $$$) chatting, onlining, games, karate, squash, badminton, taekwando(in my mind for just 2sec) eyes doctor or what ever u called it.. doctor?... actly i hate science.... hating it since im in primary. i dont know why.... harharharhar !!! i just felt that i wanna be a chef?...ohh no chef??....yes Chef Haanii?...omg... actly i like to cook but i never had a time to spend at kitchen... i like to cook because eating make someone be a smart, slim, clever, energy n etc... hmmm, wanna be a teacher?... yeahh i would love to but maybe it not suitable for me?....hahahaha oh god help me !!!!!!!!!!!!! its time for me to choose what am i gonna be next... but i cant choose it... im scared that when im in that class n i regret then i cant change my course again... who i wanna be?... an athlete?... yeahh, i hve the talent i think... but how about musician?... i love music... its my life.... but .... theres a BUT in my heart... i dont know what am i gonna be next. doctor?athlete?musician?chef?teacher?engeenier?acountain?.... pleaseeeee... anyone..... help me find the truly n the best for my self.. what course shud i prefer?.....WHAT COURSE??... because i will love to learn what am i gonna study in me bestiest course.... ***i made a new spectacle..... :P bcoz it broken when im at Sandakan febuary, for a karate tournament.... n my dad not stop blabing until now ! uhhuuhuh

Thursday, August 19, 2010

today baby :P

this is what we called Gamelan. its awesome ! i like to play when the rythm is *inang cina* best !! u shud try it...^^

this is saron penerus, this is what instrument that i played in Gamelan, gamelan is a tradition music from Indonesia... tis is the cutes one.. its sound like *ting ting * what r u think of?.. hahaha :P whatever.... its the cute part on this song :)

i hope that i can be like this one day... one day ! i will ... i want to show u that i love music... melody... its make me alive.. n now im living with it... whatever is , my life walk with music. ;) actually, i just cme back from school, i hve my extra class music... its started at 11.30-12.30pm but im so naughty ! im there until 2pm. wahhahaha.. today or tmorrow gonna meet Syarulniza AJ^^ excited !!! she will gve me CHOCOLATE ! mint chocolate...uuuyehhhh i waited for u k.. hahah :P
with the melody of music, i can express what im feeling, sad, happy, boring rock?..yeahh love it much... last 2years i took art for my extra subject but tis year until today i change my sub bcoz i changed my school. no other classes that i can enter bcoz of my bad result. so i choose to stay with the music class. the only music class in my form. just we, 27student that can entered the music class. in my music class, we hve guitars, pianos,violins,gamelan,kompang,drum,saxafone n many more that i dont even know what r they called. woahhh ! we studied with comfortable. theres aircon :P hahaha wat ever ! i can scream like i want, we can make up our face there... we sing together... we fight together... its fun, i can erase all my sadness with music... even i never study about music for 2years. but still, for this excel2 i past my music... yeahh ! i become upper than the other that study music since they 13years old maybe for few years... woahhh ! i cant believe... i will study a lot about music.. if i can, i wanna be a musician... i will swept all your tears, i play what song u want to hear.... yeahhh... its fun.... i fresh with music... i love music... forever !!! ;) <3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

week before tournament ^^

then i do something naughty with JOEL CHEN FAN KEN , HELMIAH , AARON XAVIER , IVAN CHAN CUN HOW !! hahaha just we know k ! its secret, sorry !! hahahha

KATA ?? THIRD place ;(
KUMITE ?? FIRST PLACE :))) 9-1 final !! hahahha

sory ! late update.. ;) hehehhe I LOVE MY MOM !!! ;) MUAKX !!!! she bought me new mobilephone before tonourment( last week),, looks ok?..whatever ! asalkan haani dpt bmsj, dgr lagu n also snap pic :)...hehe mom,,,,,i will prove it till my PMR !!! i give u my best shot...

hahahhaha :P exam??
BM - not yet
BI - 50 C *ohhh fuck me out
music - 40 D *its my worst marks for this, i will cnfirm it that i can improve after this !
pj - not yet
sivik - 74 B
SCIENCE - not yet
ERT - 53 C
whatever ! but ... i improve a lot... i love it ! now, i got no D gred !.... i didnt study at all... but i keep enjoy my time with my mom.. before this exam, i follow my mom to cocuriculum camping dalam hutan !... frogie sound, eyurkkkk ! hahahahha but i enjoy ! singing together there.. slept there... i enjoy even tomorrow was my exam... to relaxing my brain... ;) I LOVE U MOM !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


ada bahhh.. sy mau buat juga ni cerita.. tapi xsempat niii..kalow besok?..buli baa kan :) hihi i know u wait for me.. i want u all to read it.. about L I F E..wait for me k

shes my friend

we were in 10 years old ,
we started known each other in May ,
our memory together ,
fun , naughty , stubborn , cute , stupid mathematic ,
HAHA laughing , idiot science , lazy to go extra classes at school...
its our memory...together we face it ,
but why?
why this one moment u change?
why dear friend ?
dont u miss me ?
sorry i late for u , maybe .
but why u doing this ?
smoking , get drunk , maybe hated each other ,
i dont mean it ,
i remember we dance together ,
ate junk food that ruin our health ,
bully that girl n kick the boys ,
gave cockroaches to the person who hate it ,
swimming , hang out ,
together... but now ,
it seems like it doesnt work ,
maybe im the reason why u changes a lot to this negative person ,
im sorry ,
its all done now ,
come ,, we study together for this second big kaboom exam .
i know we can ,
u should stop doing your bad things ,
dont let your family hope down into u ,
i will for u ,
dear friend , come back to our world .
think about our future ,
i promise to join that camping ,
if u promise to study with me n past the pmr ,
i know deep in your self ,
theres a hope , a dream that u loves ,
dont fired it with this stupid things ,
dont give up ,
u must hold my hand ,
we past thru together ...
D E A R_F R I E N D <3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


what a shit stuff guys ! study study study .... im gonna get insane of this..huh ! bcoz im thinking of my future then i must reach a good result... its give me stressness frusted exhausted n whatever ! shit life.... loneliness... breathless... shitting environment... but ! im scared.. i don wnna be that stupid.. i dont wnna be idiot... i wanna be happy ! but ,.... i scared... i scared that i gets LEUKIMIA... its just maybe... bcoz i have attacked by its level 1 when im 12 years old.. i don wanna die earlier... i just wnna feel that pple said LOVE... HAPPINESS... FREEDOM.... before i died... hopefully it is not.. not happen to me... i beg u ALLAH.. please...................;(

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29,2010 Birthday

yeahh, 29 june is my birthday :) yeahhh so happy... tapi sikit saja yg wish... like always... 3years ago also i didnt have my bday cake... yeahh fine ! no ones care :P ahhaha cmon larr, its my bday... buat apa mau sedih ryt.. must be happy :) this day is the lucky day for me... only me yang lahir pada hari ni agaknya.. bcoz of saya xperna jumpa org sma tarikh lahir dengan saya... huuhuh abang dan bawa makan icecream.. so whaaat?.. i ate double rm4 icecream :P what ever u said its my birthday :P ahhahha :P no present.... wish my dream come true... thanks to che~syarulniza n sis~nurnadhirah for be the one who wishing my bday :) love u till the end... hhmmmm im worried about sis dira... i don know when did she got her badly appendix... its a worst news for my birthday... but i dont want her to see my tears :) i think i shud keep happy for her so then she'll getting better each day.. i dont want my family,both of sis or brothers to be sick in trouble in operation... i dont like my beloved person to be near hospital... i hate much ! it will keep we a long long worried... miss u dira.. miss u niza... i love you ~~ take care my twins sister... hope dira getting well each day, this is the one of my wishes... hope ALLAH hear my praying... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAANII LOREA :) IM 15 YEARS OLD>>..:D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Dinner :)

hahhh.. best nyaa terasa... happy with family :) hihi tempat ni kmi makan ni d kawasan bandar jak... mungkin famous la ckit2 :P ahhaha but i cant tell u... :P secret...x) hhmmmm actly im not wearing like im always wore... im a little bit ladies...what ladies??....how can i said that?..urhhh forget it..crappppss! lol :P hhmmm.. actually there was a guy... whaaat?.. am i talking about a GUY??..OMG ! haha yeahhh.. there was a guy...stranger guy.. he always smile at me when im ordering or want sumthing like tissue... he always smilee... maybe im insane :P ahhaha but im melting with just a smile from a stranger guy... no no no,, he is waiter...he talking order...:) maube he not perfect..but still !!! cute...*zzzz MELTING :) awwwwwhh.... cant forgot the way he smile,the way he walk...hhmmmm :) he also taller that me... he have a tough chest... walking like a model i think... cute... i love his fashion hair.. i love the way he dressed himself... he wears black.. when im there,,i will order honeydew puding...hhmm delicious ! i bet u must to try it... haha but still ! he always take my breath away... when he look at me, he smile at me... hope he also have the same feeling as me.. cz im dressing bit ladies... im wearing black+purple+grey ladies n wore long jeans with pink+whit shoes...also necklace my mom gave... mom said im better dressed this way on this dinner... :) what will be his name?..what do u think...errmm daniel?or maybe justin,errr micheal?..hahaha :P what the heck am i thinking about :P ahahha damn it !... haha i will remember his smile... sexy lips he got :P ahhahahhaha when me n my dad think where the best place for us,im seeing him... his face was like (omg this is the girl who was dinner here 3days ago) then im heard about someone feewitt :) hahahha :P hope it was him..:) hahahha :P yeahh ! im feeling that he looked at me but when im look at him then he acting like nothing... gotcha ! ahhaha :P yeahh.. he cute ! miss his smile :) hahaha gtg now... daaa~ gudnite... sweetdream stranger cute guy :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

sweet saturday :D

haloo :) hihi wanna know??... :) today me n my mom went to shoping :) yahoooo :P best u know.... she gave me a try to drive her car... automatic car !!! :) :) :) then i race it but she get angry :P hahahaha nvermind,, nextime i will drive it again^^ huuuu after tat, i went to bookstore n bought PMR books... wanna study a bit lurhh.. cz exam oredy left 2month..huhhhh ! frusted ! stressness ! i'll be cool :) haha but i dnt want to failed.... never n ever in exam... i hope so i can make it awesome.. :) wish me luck yaaa^^ after that we lunch at KFC :) yummy! i ate what they called tat one arr, ermmmmm a'haaa ! Zinger Combo++ :P hahahaa we waiting for my bro, he has caimpaign for his upsr..:) yeahhh, me pmr n my bro upsr...:) hope he can do it well than me... past 4pm we went to library to took him... i design him a new haircut :) haha he loves it actly..:P hahahahha well u know me... i also like about hair fashion...>.< haha i always cut my bro's hair by myself... n he doesnt mind :) also with others.... i hate when they dont take care about their haircut.. i will recomment it ! :P warning for u :P ahakzz~~ soon, we went to the ice-cream shop ! ahhhhh,,good stuff between mom,bro n me :) hahahhaha yummy again mahhh :) half an hour we've done our work(eating ice-cream xD) then we back home...:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

funny in ma life was happen just now

bapa ketuk bilik sy,, :P ahhahaa for the first time... dia hulur me 2biji panadol n sgelas air... sebb amam cru, n again MAMA I LOVE YOU... hahahhhaha what the funny moment.. xpernah pun bapa hulurkan ubat spaya sy cepat sembuh kalow msa sakit... dia slalu kata, tanggunglah sendiri,sapa cru,tau suda sakit xna jaga kesihatan bla bla bla... kalow na type pun bjela2 lagi :P ahhahahahha mbebel slagi dia xnpk kita sibuk :P ahahha itulahh bapa saya^^ ahhahahhah thx dad for tke cre of me for 2minutes :) hahahhahhahha :)

24june... mama dah balik :)

hai,, :) hihi errmm.. hari ni kan... mama dah balik !!! haha :P dengan senang2 nyaa dia bangunkan aku dr mimpi indahku msa tdr tuuu... aku tidur ni pun pasal sakit lahh ni... haihhh sengsara lahhh... mungkin sbb aku makan aiskrim... hhmm xjugaa,, besar kemungkinan psal kena jarum tempoh hari lar nii... ggrrr ! geram aku !!! dari kemarin lg nii... sungguh sengsara.... ! na bnafas pun sangkut2.. belajar pening kepala, xnpk pulak tuu.. haihh balik pd topik.. :P haha mama !!! mama baru balik dr konvokesyen nii.... september nt dia sambung master,,wuuuuu !!! gila ehhhh... tcabar pulak rasanyaaa :P waahahahaha xpa,, ada rezeki ada tuahh sy mau juga ambil cabaran tuu in ma life :P haha mama belikan me rantai ! necklace... cute u know... i just love it.. haha rantai ni baik utk ksihatan... macam quantum science tuu lahh.. tp ini slalu cina yg pkai.. dorang ckp fung sui lahh konon... dperbuat drp jed hijau putih... i just love it ! murah ka tdk ka apa kahh yg penting saya suka !!!!! haha then mama belanja me dinner... makan = chickenchop, minum = hot chocolate dessert = honeydew puding :P ahhhhhhh ~~~ rsa mcm sedap jerr kan... manakan sedap kalow aku tuu selesma ! takpa... hentam jak bah makan !!! sepa peduli.. sakit ka tdk yg penting mama belanja makan :P haha...... mama, I LOVE YOU :)... gudnite all, for all readers, thanx for reading :) love u all :P hihi.... i love my necklace

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dear My Loved World ,
Second past by minutes,
Minutes past by hours,
Hours past by a day,
Day past by weeks and so on ..... UNTIL TODAY
Time change my mind fo a while,
I keep thinking every moment I breathe,
Its about F R I E N D ...
Friend that we love,
Friend that we miss,
Friend that we take are of,
Friend that brush your hair,
Frient that we took as brothers or sisters,
Friend that we loved as a family ....
I realised what will happen to the world without FRIEND ?
Friend is the same,
Friend that always using me,
Friend that was a DEVIL but acting like an ANGEL,
Friend that stupidness,full of idiots and sucking person,
Friend makes me left tears of sadness,
ACTUALLY they was our biggest ENEMY,
Our ENEMY that we trusted before,
Trusted long ago. . . . as our bestiest friend.
This is what we called friend in the whole life of ours ?
EASY to find a friend that can laugh together with u , , ,
BUT HARD to find a real friend that swept away your tears by their finger,
friend that cry because of u,
friend that kiss u by changed yr mom when she not there....
June,22nd, wrote by a blue pen, sitting on a chair and started writing this, 10PM 1WEEKS before MY BIRTHDAY :)
H. Lorea Ohana De' Capulet :)
( a song for u )

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hari Pertama Buka Sekolah stelah 3WEEKS HOLIDAY^^

huhhh ! paling aku benci larr masa2 buka sekolah ni :P ahhahaha kena bangun awal,,mandi suma ready2... hhmmmm cakap pasal mandi... rindu pulak aku balik kg jumpa kazen ku d cna :P hahahhaha kalow kat kg jam4-6 petang kami d sungai :P hahahhahaha miss u kampung ! hujung tahun aku janji aku balik k :P hahahaha balik topik asal^^ hihi errr... dahh siap2 tuuu... lupa pulak tudung tuuu.. haizz, cerita pasal tudung mmg aku surender larr angkat tangan :P ahhahahhaha banyak2 pkara aku xsuka pkai tdung ke sekolah la plg mgeram kan...ggrrrr apa salahnyaa x pkai tudung... bukan nya bmakna aku ni xminat islam or na kluar dr islam kan... jan pandang aku dr luar,,intai hati ku dulu :P elehhhh bt lawak jiwang lak :P wkakakkaka then smpai skul tuu, trus panic mcari ptong kuku.. ahahahha :P pkara paling aku lupa larr na ptong kuku ni... agaggagga pastu kelas pulak tkunci.. mak oiiii ada pulak sorang kawan ni yg cuti lebih2 arr...tpaksa na tunggu kunci pdua dr cikgu catherine..huhu then cri bangku lg,,pastu tserempak pulak ngn ustazah,,time tu xpkai tudung pulak tuu... apa lg aku berani mati jak lahh...hahahha setan kan.. nakal btl msa aku skolah mnengah niii.. asyik2 msalah xpkai tdung :P hahahhahah tp aku x kesahh.... aku mberi salam ngn ustazah ngn xmmkai tdung pulak tuu... bdosa bsar aku :P huuhhuhu tp ustazah tuu tetap juga xmarah... maybe dia bdoa supaya aku tbuka hati pkai tdung.. tp msa agama pun aku pkai gak tdung tuu... skrang2 nyaa aku ada ksedaran kan :P hihi skali tuu dapat result pai( pendidikan agama islam ) :P hahahhaa tau2 result aku 38% jerrr... enta2 pmr pun xlulus lagi..:( :( :( :( :( takpaaa... pasni aku na score juga pai niii... supaya x ganggu result aku msa pmr nt... msalahnyaa aku xfokus sgt subjek nii :) kalow aku study lebih dlm shari ttg sub ni mgkn aku dpt la score ckit2 gtu kan.... 38%??...hhm kira puas hati gak laa,bab aku x stdy sgt sub ni msa sblm exam last 3weeks.... hihi :) mgkn kalow aku study mesti aku dpt result lg bgs kan..(amen) :P hahahaahha aku bukan nya benci... cuma aku xsuka pkai tudung... tu jerr msalah aku..:P lg stu,,aku pndai baca al-quran... msa thn6 dah na khatam tp aku bhenti bab ada pertandingan KARATE (sukan saya ) :P hihi pastu dah xda baca then smpai skg aku lupa...:) hihi sorry larr bab pnjang sgt.. xtau na cerita ngn sapa... kalow na cerita ngn kawan2 pun xda gunenyerrr.. dorang bukan nya mau dgr suma celoteh aku nii :P hahahha tau2 larr aku kan,,sometimes byk mulut :P hahahahha then pastu rehat,,kantin ada tender baru...:) happy sgt but sikit sgt larr mknan nyaa tuuu... xkenyang aku xD hahahha xpaa.. DIET (konon ) ;P hihi then msa MUSIC CLASS^^ subjek fav aku jg nii...aku suka release tention kat bilik ni... dlm skolah kami hnya bbrp kelas jak yg boleh msk kelas tuu,lain drp itu lgsg xbole :P hahhahahha KESIAN !!! lepas tuu pulak ada kena jarum (err lupa larr nama nyaa,,mgelakkan kcacatan )
hahahha :P but sedih nyaa aku bila nurse tu kata me patut pkai spek (actualy mmg pkai glasses pun tp patah bbelah dua msa tournament kat sandakan feb2010) haha huruf D aku ckp G.... adakahhhhh :P wkakakakka then baru jarum !!! gggrrrrr xmauuu sakit!! tp takpa,,utk mgelakkan kcacatan anak ku tersayang :P hahahhaha lepas ni buat anak suka hati pun xpaa,,bab xcacat... tp xakan aku buang anak yg telah aku bt ngn org tsyg:P ahhahaa joke k~~~ takkan serius :P hahahahhaha mau enjoy2 saja bahh baca blog :) hihi kan kan kan??.. xkan larr stress mau baca blog aku nii,, takut2 xdaa yg na baca lepas nii :P hihiihihi xpaaa,,korang xbaca pn aku tetap slalu update blog ni kalow ada masa :) hari ni aku x p mana2.... rasa na demam smacam lepas kena jarum td... cuaca lg panas msa balik dr skolah :( huhu but no no no !!!! aku xmau demam... i must fight !!! aku mau study dlm kdaan sihat sejahtera.. then aku boleh lebih fokus.... harap2 pmr aku dpt result cemerlang... aku xmau gagal.. aku mesti lulus !!! i want to give the best result i can do for my parents... me want they proud of me event im always ignored their advised that always ask me for study hard.... DEAR PARENTS : sebenarnya salah kamu tuu,,not study hard... kalow study hard,,belajar punya belajar tsangkut kat batu nanti jatoh pulak :P ahakzz~~ naik gila aku kaow mau study hard... mesti study smart bahh... :) hihi BACK ~~~ yess ! i want to prove it.... xpun mereka puas ngn result tuuu.... me want to request wishes when i got combo excelent.. if not sy continue jak larr khidupan nakal nii :) hihihhiih rasanyaa dah byk saya type nii.. xsangka pulak sy ada bakat jd penulis :P hahahha sy rsa ni mesti pengaruh yg slalu baca novel^^ wkakakkaka i got this talent^^ wish u have a nice day k.... goodnight n sweetdreamm :)))) muakzzzz :P P/S : i miss u

Monday, June 14, 2010

the bullshit girl

what the fuck girl.... xhabis2 ohh ! kalow suda xda kaitan ngn sy suda lahhh bahhh... apa lg mau kctau2 org ni ttg kburukan sy?....sy hilang seorang kwn sbb kaw ohh...dlu sy sma dia ok,,then bila suda kamu bsms jak slalu,,hah mula larr tuuu mau cerita2 org...just shut up your mouth.... skali lg sy dgr kaw ckp2 ttg sy,,sy bukan mau warning kau ahhh... trus sy sumbat muka kaw pkai buku lima sy yg sda lama kena asah2... jan bikin panas bahh... kalow suda cerita dulu bt apa mau kc cerita sma org lain?....tgk larr,, 1hari nt sy balas bahh.... ingat sy diam2 sy budak2 lg bole kc buduh2 kan...ok bahh... sy ngn org d seberang sabah dia pun ikut2 p bsalam2 knun... ingat kaw cantik suma org suka larr... org blum tau bahh apa perangai kaw yg btl2... mgada-ngada btl ohh... ehhh ! sakit hati !!.... npk muka baik,,tp lgsg xfikir diri sdiri...sy mgata org bukan apa bahh,,dia pulak lebih2 mau kc cerita2 org lain...org yg kaw bgtau tuu larr yg sy sdiri tanya n dorang ckp betul.... suma kburukan sy kaw kctau org lain... kalow suda xda ketan tuu tiada lahhhh.... bangga laa kaw ada psp hah?....mentang2 sy ni apa jak,,hp pun kena curi2...otak pun bodohh.. kenapalah kalow sy ada kakak angkat?....kaw xtau bahh apa sebb sy mau ada kakak.. ingat sy ni jenis apa bahhh?...ingat sy LESBIAN ??.....FUCK OFF !!!!! tanya dlu diri sdiri okkk..... sy ni anak first,,apa salah kalow sy mau ada kakak or abang,,,ada kaw mau kesah2?....hehhhh penyibuk ! ingat kaw kaya kaw bole suka hati larr cakap2 sma org...kc buruk2 sy... emm biar lahhh... suka hati kaw !!! yg penting sy bukan suka2 mau ada kakak mau ada abang... cuz kalow mau cari bestfriend?...paling2 pun jumpa kawan makan kawan jak lahhhh... nevermind !! im done here... i never wanna know your life so dont busybody mau mgata org... ingat diri dia bgs sgt,,suma org suka dia lahhh..suma lahh diaaa... ok bahhhh,,IM DONE !!! blog saja laa tmpt mluahh,,kalow larr blog boleh dgr luahan hati ini btapa best nyaa.. tak apa lahhh... syukur ada blog :) good night ! congratezz to sabah karate team sukma :) very proud of u... to DIRA N NIZA don give up ! keep training... <3 both !^^ also miss bro mel :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i dont know what is this feeling

tuhan.... kadang-kadang aku berasa keseorangan.... kadang-kadang aku berasa seperti orang berlumba2 untuk menanyakan khabarku... tapi terus pergi begitu shj... hhhmmmm adakah aku patut mencari seorang yang hanya ada bila aku memerlukannya?.... untuk apa?... bolehkah aku meletakkan kepercayaan yang penuh padanya?....apa kahh perasaan yang melanda diri ini?......... aku keliru...binggung....sunyi..... tapi aku selalu mencuba untuk tidak merasa begini.... tapi apakan daya,,, semua orang ada hal masing2 untuk di selesaikan... aku?....seperti aku ibarat angin yang bertiup sepoi bahasa.....seperti tiada gunanya hidup di dunia......tetapi aku bimbang,,risau terhadap keluarga,kawan dan teman hidup....membuat aku terfikir semula apa yang patut aku lakukan.... seringkali perkara negatif terlintas di fikiran,,hendak saja aku bunuh diri jika betul aku ni tiada guna di dunia lagi....tapi,,aku ingin terus mencuba untuk mghindari bisikan syaitan ini...hati jadi mangsa,,menahan suka duka,....menahan perasaan supaya tidak terikutkan kata hati..... penat...... jika perkara ini kerap berlaku....... aku hanya lah seorang insan.. yang ingin berjaya dlm apa yang aku minati dan kemahuan ku,,,.....apakan daya,,semua itu ada hikmahnyaaaa..... i dont know what will happen after this... :( im sad

Monday, May 31, 2010

errrr.....helo :) im here :P (idk :P haha )

haloooo everyone :D heeeee i just new here...... :P hahahha aku pernah gak try buat blog ni tp lupa pasword so aku buat baru :D heeeee nevermind kan....hhhhhhmmmmm best nyaaa makan d kelab permata td....chicken chop + honey chicken...uhhhhhh ! kalow setiap hari mkan benda nii,,adohhhh segala penyakit akn mendtg^^ hahahhaaha xpaa larrr....heeee weh ! KEMARIN,, bersin punya bersin mgalir pulak darah dr hidung :P hahahaahha entahh nak buat apa niii....trus aku lap then donggak kan kepala k'ats...huuuuu ada larrr panic^^ hehehehhe smpai skg pun xtrun lg suhu badan nii...adehhhh,, btw good night n hv a sweetdream :D heeeee if anything want to ask or whatever it called,,just post here k,,leave some comment kalow sudi :D aku terima juga.... P.S.// i want guinea pigs as my pets..i miss my kojek so much...hhhmmmm daa~~