i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its about book i read n around me.

i hve this book. in title "Gadis Piano" n "my Memory"... the ending of this story tell me that the first character was dead by an accident. hmmmm. everyday i heard my friend relatives or uncle or cuzy was die.. will i losing all of my friend?... i just cant accept it. truly ! i love them. i will nothing if not with them.. i cant losing them. dear god, can u hear me here. i begging u. dont take my family. dont take my friends. especially Elvy,Kacy,Ken,How... will i live in this world without them?... yeahh. maybe. i dont know. but please. this time only. dont take them form me. i love them. but i hate them tooo. but yeahhh, i love, okay okay. hmmmm. they always there everyday in my life nowadays. miss them. hope we will be together until the end of our life. when we getting older. have our own grandchild. n we grouping together. talk about our teenager story. looking at the picture. the memories we had. i just felt i wanna cry. i wanna all of u to know. before i die i want u to remember me, as a close friend to u... i love u. no wonder i can find a good friend like u all. yeahh, kacy u are stupid. but we together. then we all stupid. idiot. we such a things together. i cant imagine that i would lose u.... but what if u all losing me?... i dont knw. maybe u all like when im not exist in this world again. haha. whatever. okay, im sorry to said that. am i tooo emotional now?.. yeahh maybe... who knows. like im crying?... yeahhh. i will not show u my sadness.... bcuz u dnt want to see u sad like me... i sad bcuz afraid of losing u,, MY FRIENDS :)... i love u... if u read this. dont tell anybody. this is secret just between u and i :) muahhhhxoxo... 10.40pm 11thnovember'10

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


the boy with watch : Joel Chen Fan Ken
the girl holding straw : Elvy Steacy
the boy with spoon : Ivan Chan Chun How
the girl with necklace : Haanii lorea

Tanjung Aru Beach. Kota Kinabalu. we on the foot from Airportview. >.< some exercise ^^ awhhhh. btw, we had good time. love u <3 Muahxx !

nice view eihhh?... hehe. yeahh. who take tat pic?... its me ok. thanks to me. :)... yeahhh. happy to be with them. finally i found my truly real best friend in this world. our friendship was like the ocean that never separated . i just dnt type or talk it. its just real. hahaha. kidding ! stupid ! idiot ! hahaha. yeahhh. really. i meant it. I LOVE U !!! its true. hope we cant last forever even we far from each other. Che~niza syst~dira ( missing you, take care k ) dont forget me <3

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Time ^^ :) :) :) :)

After upgrading, we went to kfc. ate x-meal for rm13. :) then we went to Honey Sweet for coca-cola float :)... yummy time ^^ awhhhhh. Sory Elvy.