i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

shes my friend

we were in 10 years old ,
we started known each other in May ,
our memory together ,
fun , naughty , stubborn , cute , stupid mathematic ,
HAHA laughing , idiot science , lazy to go extra classes at school...
its our memory...together we face it ,
but why?
why this one moment u change?
why dear friend ?
dont u miss me ?
sorry i late for u , maybe .
but why u doing this ?
smoking , get drunk , maybe hated each other ,
i dont mean it ,
i remember we dance together ,
ate junk food that ruin our health ,
bully that girl n kick the boys ,
gave cockroaches to the person who hate it ,
swimming , hang out ,
together... but now ,
it seems like it doesnt work ,
maybe im the reason why u changes a lot to this negative person ,
im sorry ,
its all done now ,
come ,, we study together for this second big kaboom exam .
i know we can ,
u should stop doing your bad things ,
dont let your family hope down into u ,
i will for u ,
dear friend , come back to our world .
think about our future ,
i promise to join that camping ,
if u promise to study with me n past the pmr ,
i know deep in your self ,
theres a hope , a dream that u loves ,
dont fired it with this stupid things ,
dont give up ,
u must hold my hand ,
we past thru together ...
D E A R_F R I E N D <3

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