i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

january karate training.

well HELLO teenagers freedom life after spm. :) im free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! erghhhh. ignore lah..
after my aunt masuk hospital kota belud then i have a chance to move on my life here. imagine, 27november sy habis spm. tomorrow dia straight to damai specialist hospital. and the next day keep jaga her in queen elizabeth hospital. kick gila mau jaga 1malam saja. patah belakang sy ! fuhhh.. whatever laa. and after that i got a tiny pity break holiday to BALI with mum. :) having fun there. see the beach, travel some places. quite fun :)..
and here in keningau ! i came back to kompleks sukan keningau to continue my karate shift. ahhhhh ! lama x punching and kicking :).. missing it. while training dapat juga sy bakar2 lemak d badan ni kan. hehe. xD poops ! 2 and 3 febuary ada state tournament d tenom. and im having some bad moment there. im not gonna tell it here. its just hard and hurting me. gotta gambung dgn bdk tambunan. yang smua pun baru2. orang lama pun suda tiada. respect pun xda. no dicipline at all. melawan sja tau ! then how to win a competition right ? memang susah laa. sebab kaw xda restu langsung. baru tau kalah ! xpndai dengar cakap yang senior kan. BUDUH. i sit for referee and coaching exam. i PASSED in both of it. hehe :) felt happy of course. because i spent hundred dolar there. and i get what i want. sure its hard. no one can easily pass the exam. beside the question was in english language. >.< few quest made me confuse a bit. i mean a lot ! lol xD seeing my old friends there, i can feel that they are ignoring me. and then bila sy xlayan, they called me sombong. GOOD IDEA kan ? huh.. apa2 pun sy masih hormat kepada yang orang pertama ajar sy karate. sensei henry r. majunal ! the one who made me a champion. i cant even forget his fullname. he the one who taught me kata and kumite at first. until ill join the sabah team in 2007 when i was 12. i am so thankfull to him. i never forget what he had taught me. about dicipline, respect, behavior, honest, loyal, control ourself and emotional, management and etc. after the tournament finish, we ended up to 3rd runner up in sabah. cool right ? :) a bit happy and a lot of sad. my friends kuota was getting downwards. many of them ignoring me much. yeah i understand why is the reason. oh yeah, i forgot to tell u that i bought a new SONY DSLR camera last year. its my alpha 65. the one that rewarded on 2011. :) a bit fun to use it and still learning how to use for random picture. i wish i can buy a new lens after this. infact i already order a new HTC WINDOWS 8X with help from my cousin :) really made me feel happy and puas hati !! huh.. i just feel like i wanna learn some more of karate teknik ohh. feeling like wanna upgrade my knowledge. and feeling like i wanna shoot too. for saga. but unfortunetly i want to go travelling with family in june ! how fun it is right ? i love travelling so much. getting to know new places, new people and new food. lol xD i guess this is the end of my story today. HELLO FEBUARY. i dont think i will get a date for valentine :) love u Allah. xoxo -kingking-

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