i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


i dont know where to start. well we have 2 weeks break. have 2 assingment for miss cyndra. gotta read 8 short stories for elc. revision on sport management and ctu. because starting next monday it will be the hard week ever in this sem where ill face test,assignments,project,meetings and so fucking stuff.. i dont know where else im gonna get money for 4 different shirt. the fox !! hahaha xD well, i began my first day with doing nothing to rest out my brain. after that my door gave me trouble that cost me rm80 on christmas eve. after that, awg beby and apong slept here in gading. so whatever ! and then the ghost. forget it. scary !!! and after that we go for a ride to THEA's house in serian where we drank TUAK. a sweet alcoholic drinks. i just have one toast. after that we go to WILSON's house in bau. and we troubled with the car accident because arnie had a bad situation. just a scratch on the rim of the car. so we dont care. we rent 2 car for rm200. so we paid rm25 each.. before that, we ask babera for help to go to singgai bau where wilson house. so finally we did it. eat eat eat and the mondaley with his future wife jane with kelly and 2 from part1 junior joined us. it was fun!! and i love being with my friends. after that thea need to go uitm because the next day she will go for a frisbee competition in brunei. she wanted arnie and i accompany her for a drinks. u know what ! hahaha but unfortunately echa ika and balqish wanted to sing at kbox. arrived kuching and doing nothing. we dont know what to do. because it xmas night and i knew lot of shops will close early. so we go to sleep at airport. and then awg and i recommended that we should book a room to rest. and i fell asleep in the car with apong. after i woke up we're infront of the waterfront where arnie beby n awg chitchating. so i continue sleeeeeeeping. its 4am if im not mistaken. haha. and after that we go back to uitm. but the viva car oil still lef 4bar. so i decided to go out with arnie the next day. we go to plaza merdeka,sarawak plazan finally city one where i bought a puma slang bag for self giving of the year.arnie and i decided to jail ourself in uitm until 31. so we the less we using money. end !

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