i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, April 19, 2014

long holiday or short one? :[

Helllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guys..!! is really been 4 month is it? hahaha..!! well yeah since last christmas.. after xmas, ive been participated in organizing the Majlis Suai Kenal MSK which everysem they throw out to be hmmmmm well-suck-party for junior. but so big party for the senior.. and then  we got fsr family day which we supposed to win if my batch combined. :D but sadly,we have been separated to 2 group. so the points also decrease. x.x at least we give them the best shot of what we are capable of... so yeah, and then we have health promotion and wellness programme which our marks would be taken. leave me so half dead to make sure this programme succeed. kiukiu !! what make me so sad lg is i dont even ave the chance on the day it performed. i ,hardly forced my body went to the airport at dawn at the same day this programme held.. and i heard it was so successful. even many of my seniors are jealous. many lectures give positive feed back. then sukipt... yeah, another tough situation, another hard decision but i managed to pick up 3 bronze. sukan ipt is the higher level of sport competiion in malaysia. if u won, u'll get to go for Asian University Games..

after i came back to sarawak, wow ! i saw n i feel all of my friends get mad, sad, exhausted and so on because there will be a CAMPING. well, i already known this fact since xmas holiday. but i dont want to tell my friend because afraid they will give up. and again, we all together succeed in this tough situation. because of this camping, i almost forgot my academic studies. camping was held 2 weeks before final. which lead us to a *last minute * work for all my assgment. but then i also managed to finish it earlier than the other. i dont want to hold the work because afraid it will affect any of my brain performance (stress). exercise physiology last test 1 and 2 has been done a day before sport history final exam paper. the most stress feeling and so zero stamina of physical. also, ive changed my mind set and try to enjoy it which in the end, i can understand all the chapters. applause to me . and i am proud of my self because i still can answer my final exam even though get a dizzy sleepy head in the morning. hoping i can stay maintain my 3. pointer this 2 sem. so next june i'll continue my third semester. hopefully no repeat subject. :)

so here now, thats just a short story i can tell. because there are so many thing ive done which i cant list each one of them. so yeah, NOW ! im at home. today was the fifth day im in Keningau sabah. i have done visit half of my relatives here. and also meet my classmate-long-lost-soul at 10pm until 11.50pm. yeah..!! i know its crazy. well, accept the fact that im 19. im growing up. so please dont make me so annoyed or fed up w u. *uknowwho* hate being control. yeahh that me. the most stubborn child in this family. which until now make me love myself. sorry being so selfish. hahaha.. yeahh so everybody having a long break holiday. but me? ah ah, its a short holiday... im back in sabah from sarawak was on 15april. on the 24 april i will be on flight to KL. so before 24 i shud be in kk. and then after that on 27 i will go to Surabaya Indonesia for sukma training. will be 2weeks there and then direct go to perlis again, will train for few days or a week. and after that Sukma get started... will end around 4/5 June which i have to back sarawak before 9 June. my class will start on monday, and i want to go back early as usual because i dont want to rush, in addition i have not know will i get hostel or not. so better go here early so everything can be solve earlier. and i can continue my studies with open heart. imagine how tired i am? :) i know.. i actually love this kind of activities. come back home but only to see them. and travel again, maybe by joining a games so i can learn something in holidays. at least i can exercise and keep my body fit. and then back to sarawak to continue studies and also MEET MY LOVELY sr family and FRIENDS...!! shit, i miss them so much. <3 and="" care="" guys="" i="" miss="" much="" mwuahhhxoxo="" p="" so="" take="" you="">

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