i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Friday, August 9, 2013

Living in a field with FSR family.

FSR- stand for Faculty Sport Recreation. we've got our own faculty song. we also got our own faculty logo. and this faculty is a strong,funny,valueable, kind, caring community and people. i love my lecturer, my seniors and all my friends. i love FSR !!.. i cant tell by typing a long news or article or novels to describe. but i can show u our greatest moment

  fsr part 1 buka puasa tepi jalan

after class, hang out, playing frisbee

 lelaki time majlis suai kenal

msk with mazreca (seniorpart5)
 after finished MSK. few of us helping part2 washing washing late night at 11pm
buka puasa at kadai 1M. meja sambung, mcm kadai tu kami yg punya.
 with Jaisol, faidaus (boi) and shazril (dady)
lunchie with Kelly, Balqish, Ivan, Arnold and Jane at SUMMER MALL
 Balqish Zulaikha, Haanii Lorea , Thea Negina, Stephenie Jane, Azmina <3 class="separator" nbsp="" p="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
at serapi, in my room. sleep over guys !!

 I LOVE THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. never thought someday we'll broke or something bad happen to one of us. saya sangat sayang kawan2 saya ni...!! may our friendship will last forever. cant imagine my campus life without you :) 

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