i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Friday, November 8, 2013

6weeks of holiday

well. HELLO :) moshi moshi. hola. hai. anyeong. hi. and everything !
its been awhile right ?... so here i am.. where do i start ? o.O toinkkkkk***
i've succeed to finished my semester 1 in diploma of sport study with flying colours. (i guess) because i cant believe i can passed final exam this way. its been hard time living with friends in the hostel. to many stuff i cant do well. but atleast im trying ? (just want to congrate myself) theres so much i need to write here and im gonna continue tonight after 'akikah' at my uncle house..  btw, im gonna tell u about mu pointer.. ITS 3.30 fffffffpppppppp i did it and reached 3pointer... itsokay if it cant reach the dekan anugerah. but for me this is just the beginning of my future. :D i never want to stop writing about how i lived here.... after the final exam, i went back to my hometown KENINGAU sabah for 6 weeks and gotta go back sarawak in 2 weeks more i think.... stop here and continue later ;* muahxoxo

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