i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blok 3. Level 4. The Roomates :) 0406

so hiiiiiiiiiiiii. firstly yeahhh, hi again..! hahahha.. kidding. feel lonely. so i wanna story about this things. THE ROOMATES which crew were Haanii Lorea aka KINGKING and Delvina aka AGIK and Stephenie Jane aka BABY and Thea Negina aka DEDEK. so we are all 19 years old. Del is the oldiest which born on 9 January. as i remember. i'll edit if wrong dont be made. the second one is Thea which born on 8 February. third one is Jane that is 29 April. so the last one would be me 29 june. which is coming soon. so afraid of what my batch are capable of. some of them have awarded in acting. kiukiu @ hiuhiu. so yeah, i miss them, especially si del ni. because i sleep with her the whole sem.. shes the one that i can hug at night. rather than jane and thea. and del is more cuter ! <3 a="" actually="" and="" asked="" at="" be="" because="" bed="" bottom.="" but="" decided="" dehydrated="" del="" double-dekker="" drink="" empty="" fan.="" feel="" first="" floor.="" giving="" hahahaha="" hot="" i="" im="" is="" it="" its="" lack="" ll="" lot="" me.="" next="" of="" p="" reason="" refuse="" share="" she="" sleep="" so="" still="" supposed="" thankful="" the="" there.="" to="" top="" u="" wanted="" water.="" we="" which="" will="" with="">
Thea and Del were in the A class. which left Jane and me in the same class. *B class* well, class A is more concentrate and more clever than B class which are less focus and more naughty. so we r balanced. :)

ive once fight with thea in this sem which caused me 1 week not talking to her even though we r roommates. the second one, the crises including the 3 of of em. Thea, Mondaley and Ivan. so how am i related? jane and i was the only girl that are so close to mondaley no matter what. but thea also sleep with us. so she made a gab between us. this is too much. that made us arguing to each other.so im doing the slow talk to her while del going home. and its succeed. from that moment i try to keep a distance to thea so she will feel comfortable.

so since jane busy with mondaley, i keep on busy myself. until del came and keep the surroundings warm for me. so i keep close to her. never think in my brain of she. yeahh, we've become closer each day. every where i go i ask her to join. infact, she always teach me to play guitar. sometimes i help her clean up her messy table. and our cupboard always been a dumping area xD hahaha. funny ! i always think of her if she not around me. until this time, i merajuk at her because she not going to sleep me like 2days. hahahaha fuck off !! the second time i cry at uitm is when im talking to her in the middle of night because i missed my mum.. hahaha SHIT. well, the first one because of i missed my mum juga, but i dont show which it was in 2.30am in the morning. of coz my roomates already sleep. hehe :D

i am strong about anything. but when it reach my sadness which i can say like someone put a bullet throught my heart, i'll burst to tears. a day before my flight, once again ive cried infront of del. that is so embarrassing..>!!! so shit, damn it... i think it because i hold my tears before, because she always told me, *mesti sy rindu kau masa cuti sem nanti* so sy tahan hati saja la.. smpai reached limit that day, i cried. like omg ..!! like a child missing in the market searching for his mom. damn it. i miss you DELVINA. hoping to sleep with you again next sem :) see u.



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