i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Dinner :)

hahhh.. best nyaa terasa... happy with family :) hihi tempat ni kmi makan ni d kawasan bandar jak... mungkin famous la ckit2 :P ahhaha but i cant tell u... :P secret...x) hhmmmm actly im not wearing like im always wore... im a little bit ladies...what ladies??....how can i said that?..urhhh forget it..crappppss! lol :P hhmmm.. actually there was a guy... whaaat?.. am i talking about a GUY??..OMG ! haha yeahhh.. there was a guy...stranger guy.. he always smile at me when im ordering or want sumthing like tissue... he always smilee... maybe im insane :P ahhaha but im melting with just a smile from a stranger guy... no no no,, he is waiter...he talking order...:) maube he not perfect..but still !!! cute...*zzzz MELTING :) awwwwwhh.... cant forgot the way he smile,the way he walk...hhmmmm :) he also taller that me... he have a tough chest... walking like a model i think... cute... i love his fashion hair.. i love the way he dressed himself... he wears black.. when im there,,i will order honeydew puding...hhmm delicious ! i bet u must to try it... haha but still ! he always take my breath away... when he look at me, he smile at me... hope he also have the same feeling as me.. cz im dressing bit ladies... im wearing black+purple+grey ladies n wore long jeans with pink+whit shoes...also necklace my mom gave... mom said im better dressed this way on this dinner... :) what will be his name?..what do u think...errmm daniel?or maybe justin,errr micheal?..hahaha :P what the heck am i thinking about :P ahahha damn it !... haha i will remember his smile... sexy lips he got :P ahhahahhaha when me n my dad think where the best place for us,im seeing him... his face was like (omg this is the girl who was dinner here 3days ago) then im heard about someone feewitt :) hahahha :P hope it was him..:) hahahha :P yeahh ! im feeling that he looked at me but when im look at him then he acting like nothing... gotcha ! ahhaha :P yeahh.. he cute ! miss his smile :) hahaha gtg now... daaa~ gudnite... sweetdream stranger cute guy :)

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