i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29,2010 Birthday

yeahh, 29 june is my birthday :) yeahhh so happy... tapi sikit saja yg wish... like always... 3years ago also i didnt have my bday cake... yeahh fine ! no ones care :P ahhaha cmon larr, its my bday... buat apa mau sedih ryt.. must be happy :) this day is the lucky day for me... only me yang lahir pada hari ni agaknya.. bcoz of saya xperna jumpa org sma tarikh lahir dengan saya... huuhuh abang dan bawa makan icecream.. so whaaat?.. i ate double rm4 icecream :P what ever u said its my birthday :P ahhahha :P no present.... wish my dream come true... thanks to che~syarulniza n sis~nurnadhirah for be the one who wishing my bday :) love u till the end... hhmmmm im worried about sis dira... i don know when did she got her badly appendix... its a worst news for my birthday... but i dont want her to see my tears :) i think i shud keep happy for her so then she'll getting better each day.. i dont want my family,both of sis or brothers to be sick in trouble in operation... i dont like my beloved person to be near hospital... i hate much ! it will keep we a long long worried... miss u dira.. miss u niza... i love you ~~ take care my twins sister... hope dira getting well each day, this is the one of my wishes... hope ALLAH hear my praying... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAANII LOREA :) IM 15 YEARS OLD>>..:D

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