i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, June 26, 2010

sweet saturday :D

haloo :) hihi wanna know??... :) today me n my mom went to shoping :) yahoooo :P best u know.... she gave me a try to drive her car... automatic car !!! :) :) :) then i race it but she get angry :P hahahaha nvermind,, nextime i will drive it again^^ huuuu after tat, i went to bookstore n bought PMR books... wanna study a bit lurhh.. cz exam oredy left 2month..huhhhh ! frusted ! stressness ! i'll be cool :) haha but i dnt want to failed.... never n ever in exam... i hope so i can make it awesome.. :) wish me luck yaaa^^ after that we lunch at KFC :) yummy! i ate what they called tat one arr, ermmmmm a'haaa ! Zinger Combo++ :P hahahaa we waiting for my bro, he has caimpaign for his upsr..:) yeahhh, me pmr n my bro upsr...:) hope he can do it well than me... past 4pm we went to library to took him... i design him a new haircut :) haha he loves it actly..:P hahahahha well u know me... i also like about hair fashion...>.< haha i always cut my bro's hair by myself... n he doesnt mind :) also with others.... i hate when they dont take care about their haircut.. i will recomment it ! :P warning for u :P ahakzz~~ soon, we went to the ice-cream shop ! ahhhhh,,good stuff between mom,bro n me :) hahahhaha yummy again mahhh :) half an hour we've done our work(eating ice-cream xD) then we back home...:)

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