i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Archery First Circuit and Open Tournament was held in TERENGGANU

okay ! here a things about terengganu. the KEROPOK LEKOR was damn delicious. xD and other foods. considered okay for me.. hahaha well, this is my first archery tournament this year. and still, my performance was bad. all form was disaster. i dont know. i just enjoyed the game. in addition i had the chance shooting in a team with SEA GAME PLAYER. Saritha Cham Nong. shes currently studying human development in University  Putra Malaya. ive learned so much while shooting. tournament is good for competite but also good for you to ask what u wanna know to the experienced archers. how to improve. whats effect the wind and body posture. the concentration and breathing. also mindset and target. wanna know something ? u cant be professional in a short time. even a korean archer need 2years minimum to learn the basic nonstop. u need atleast 5years to improve and 10 years to be a champion. there will be a graph of your performance. sometime u goes down, sometimes u go up high. its not that simple. thats why i am now put this archery to be the major of life sports..  its kinda complicated but i love this game. really test our physical and mental. if u dont trust me, try some. see how it goes in you. HAHA *evil laugh* here some of my pic in TERENGGANU
 with mum

 masjid kristal

  bas unisza

   airport with mum

   double sit bicycle

   teruk punya score

   mum at masjid kristal

  my archery coach <3 :="" charley="" chia="" p="">
 dinner with aiskrim goreng


   teammate forever


 with the champion and sea game player

 cola iced#airasia#going back sabah

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