i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, November 9, 2013

SAPI ISLAND November 6 '2013

This is us. the memories written in November 6 2013. with Arnie Hernani Charles. Gemma Kyla Jemandan. Md. Azamuddin bin Izan. and Md Sufie Kudien. and ofcourse me Haanii Lorea Hyacinth Md Azmi. :D
we start our trip at 7am. they pick me up at ganang ville. and then we went to bean house to pick up some stuff and going to his mom change the car. so we stopped at Pasar depan waterfront (forgot its name) searching for foods to eat for breakfast and lunch. and we go by feet to Jesselton Point. we already booked a trip so its cheaper rm32 per head with snorkeling. we had so much fun. we the craziest one. even the story about komodo still haunted us. LOL imagine a komodo beside u while u play with the sands. hell yeah. and the dugong.. omg, the dugong has white skin. ohwell only us knew the story behind every picture :) <3 guys="" p="" you="">

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