i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, November 9, 2013

hehe. sorry about last night

hey .. im sorry. kindda fell asleep early last night after akikah at my uncles house. :D well, where do i start now ? okay we start about today. 8.08am i woke up and took my shower. eating my breakfast and get ready to range but unfortunately haffie at lib keningau.. so i gotta wait til evening. while waiting , i finished read the book that dad lend me. in 2hours i have done reading, its about what challenge do a student faced. :D kindda interesting but some of the information i dont agree as i am now one of a university student (uitm sarawak) and then i sent aunty downtown meeting his friends and then straight went to haffies house. 2hours training. i think my upperbody has improve. the strength and power. but it is un consistency. need more practice and workouts. will continue my future in archery. even it parts of my life. :D so its raining and we shoot under the rain. ive advised haffie about taking diploma than stpm. stpm is hard. even many of my friend quit and being abandoned sitting at home onlining not even have an aim in their life. maybe not the big one. or they live to die.. so went back home after that, doing some fitness. ive jogging like 2km for half and hour. 3sets of push up. and bicep curl for upperbody muscles. the major muscle for archery is upperbody. so i gotta keep it fit to maintain my performance.. i wanted to be one of the athletes represent malaysia one day. even the new compound archer defeat me in Terengganu for the first circuit open archery competition this year.. like WTH my performance went down... i pick up some notes and realized what i need to work out to improve. after some workouts i took shower and dinner. noodles with egg and black rice (bubur beras hitam) with a glass of water and some grapes... gotta keep my health good. i dont wanna be sick.. its give me trouble or people around me.. so here i am after dinner. writing the memory of my simple daily life. :D
guess this is good bye.. wanna write other story :D see u ! muahxoxo

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