i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chapter 1. Semester 1. First campus life. Experiences. :)

well hello guys !! i know im annoying but i dont care. i still want to write about my happy silly crazy sad lonely exhausting experienced food campus life there... xD HAHAHA
 well i think i wanna start with the first event that ive been throught which is the hardest one among the other.
its about CAMPING. not the easy happy enjoy chill fun camping. its a LEADERSHIP + INTRO + FINAL camp. the hardest and scary things i knew it is as i heard from seniors and lectures. we have to set a meeting every 3days of progression started at 8pm-11.30pm with a scary haunted madness of our seniors voices. no words can describe the feeling condition situation of it. only me myself experienced it. its our camping and we have to set it all from the beginning till the end with the conduct of our seniors and lectures. we have to send all kind of letter to all kind of people -,- i just dont know how to explain. its to many letter we have to give. we find our own sponsers. we bought our own things to bring there. seniors are instructors which we have to called DATUK and DATIN like all the time except classes. even they talking to keep us afraid and respect them. well I DO. i respect them as i want to be respected . this event went 5days 4night including the quarantine time. we are not allowed to bring any shampoo or body shampoo or brush and toothbrush and perfume also lotion and makeups and others. we have live in the camp site for 5 days without brush our teeth and shower our body.. they just told us to sit in the water to get our body refresh. so damn SHIT right ? but when my friends and i were chatting about this, we are having so much fun in good and bad condition along 5days. i volunteered to be vice captain once. with Wilson Joseph ^^.. also my classmate coursemate. he close to me.  we play frisbee together ! ive already kiss the ground full of mud. being tortured. push up, bridging and half squat every each time they wanted us to do. so we have no choices. i felt that i have to stay on and put efforts and hold it for my friends. all i think and my mindset goes to person called FRIENDS which is my batch and FSR FAMILY. i was in biro TTK that stand for Tugas-Tugas Khas. with azam,khal,sharon,azril,and era.. my group is number 10 which is ROTARY KAMBING. the sweetest name ever given to my group. HAHAHA well, gotta love it. my group member is Jackson Jingan, Fheleezhinie , Md Shahirul Nisam , Khairil Anwar and Nur Jannah... amazing. and im not gonna tell u details about em. HAHAHAHA better this way.. ive learned how to survive in the jungle, how to make up campsite, gadgets, food,water, fire and so on. actually i hate camping. since in high school. ive never packed and go to the camp like this. i always go to sports camp and centralized training. and its never gonna be the same with THIS KIND OF CAMP. ive learned many things and i gain many experiences. i wanted to thank all my seniors and lectures for giving me a lesson like this. i will never forget about it. even i always shared this knowledge with my friends in sabah. i want to tell this as bed time stories to my child next. :)
thankyou allah. thankyou lectures. thankyou seniors. thankyou family. thankyou friends. for all youve given to me. i am grateful this way. and happy :)
Love k. muahxoxo

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