i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

count down 2 days left before going back to CAMPUS life at Sarawak.

i spent 2weeks before going back to sarawak in kk. because i wanted to be alone. wanted to stand over my feet. wanted my privacy to upgrade. until yesterday my dad and siblings went here in Ganang Villa. im just okay with that. that supposely wanted to stay the rest ofmy holiday with me. but i hate it. because i know theres something i dont like will happen. as i though it would be, and now its going to be real. ogy my younger sister just said dad wanted to buy some clothes and spend money to me. and i felt theres something wrong. and yet, im correct. he wanted me to help him catch the pukonsa i-dont-know fucking sheet for him. i said i hate to be like you. i dont want to help. i dont want u pay for me and in exchange helping you with that kinda of shit asshole. fuck you i hate it. here some things i wanna keep clear. you as a dad, suppose to pay for my studies. and i as a child, will help you as my dad. but i already keep clear that i hate it when u gave me money to help you with this. really really fucking hate it till the last breath of my life. i know im growing up eating your money but thats up to you. yet i know, i just need to eat, sleep, studies and hardly find a job. with that i just nearly to get my job and will go far away  but i still wanted to give my parents money. even they dont want it.. :) gotta go. bye muahxoxox

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