i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, November 9, 2013


hey. i have something new that i wanna tell u guys. i met them when i was studying my first semester :D HAHAHA. its FRISBEE.. long time ago, it only some kind of flying plate that people throw in any direction so the dog can run at catch it. but this time it goes different way. we play 7person in a group. 2group will fight. when u catch the discraft only get 10 second of stalling. u must throw it to your teammate and burst into your goal area. its made me sweating and running all the time. its kinda fun when u play with your friends. the more people the more fun you felt. there are seniors training and teach us how to play every evening 4-6. weekends we always go downtown field. its more fun !! i really have good time there. i felt more comfortable playing with the part4 senior and part 5 will be this next sem. feel sad that they gonna end earlier. theyve become sisters and brothers to me.. there are also from part2 but in small numbers. only few of them joined. compared to us, theres like 20+ joining this game.. well, since this game was played internationally it become my minor sports. one of the sports i can save money for the equipment :D hahahah lol xD well heres some pictures of it.

playing this on vacation or family trip or with friends was awesome. besides it make u run to catch it that can help u BURN FAT. 
Thank you for the article of FRISBEE.
this is now one of my new knowledge. 

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