i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 LIFE ..

well, HI THERE :).. i came back now since i got time more on onlining and studies. yeahh i know. its been errr 1year i didnt make any post at my blogger. i assume this is my diaries. i hope u can keep STFU your mouth after reading my blogg.. if u dont want to mess up with me. theres no one i can share my life now. TODAYS was HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI. and im just keep my ass on this blog other than celebrating it. Its my final year exam. after this, i would be free for 6month. i will spent my time for travelling the world so i can make my life more meaningful before my death which i dont know when. i hope i can travel after this. i like studies at school. but i dont really like exam. hate it ! which my parents will judge on me how stupid i am and compare with everyone. i tell u, im not born to be an idiot or a smart girl. Allah will control my life. i may be not like others succeed daughter, but i still know how to respect my parents. i knew, without them i wont be here at all. im thankful for that. i wish i can do the best for my SPM. i dont want any D on my result. C is good enough to make a step for university life. i hope i can archieve my target. 6A... i want to traget on this 6subject. i want it to be cool. i hope i can get this. OKAY ! forget bout it. im searching for my homeworks paper but i forgot where i put it. this gonna big problem. oh damn ASS ! i want to make it clear between this 2-3 days. moreover, i really HATE homeworks. it make me not comfortable at all and i wish to get a bottle of wine while doing it. HAHA. whatever. well, my life was totally different from last year (16yearsold 2011) i still maintain my weight, be a karatekas, be a squash player, and started to join archery... i broke my arm on 2010 at pernang national tournament *karate. so i decided to stop participate on that sport. i think i cant manage to success in squash game too. it was to late for me. theres other BIGSTAR whose play really hard. im just the beginner, i cant get medal. well, i choose archery for next year. i focused archery when i was chosen to represend KENINGAU for sabah games. my coach (CHARLEY CHIA) suggest me an idea. he wants me to participate on SUKMA PAHANG 2012. and i really made it. with my pathner CAMILLY CYNTHIA LOUIS. yeah! she was AWESOME. good body shape, sometimes crazy, eat a lot but i dont really take notis about her BOYFRIEND. haha xD well, idc. as long as she awesome !... on january2012, i met 8archer from KOREA. there were freaking good ! i like to communicate with them. they were great archer. even i cant defeat them. so, i was chosen for sukma archery team. but my performance was not good at all. it was going down. and i get the moral now. i know what to do after this. i wish i was good but it going worst. i know. but i get it now ! so wait for next few years. i gonna make this world look at me *whatthehellimtalkingnow?) i met my karatekas team at likas, and i was so sad. even i got fight with them last few years, but they still HATE me. i dont know why. u know, people made mistakes in their life. i am very disappointed with them. theres nothing between they and myself. just the memories. time has left so fast until they completely forgot about me. i represend sabah karate team since i was in primary school in 12 years old. how can they do this to me...? why cant they give me a simple 2 words *thank you*.. yeahh. they may thought that i messed it up. but they dont even think about me. selfish little human. our life was limited. why can they just forgive me even i didnt do anything wrong..? sad ending with karate stuff. i really hate that now. nothing i can get. so i stayed up with archery now. pretty good equipments. so expensive. but real fun. when tournaments come, we can relax at night. not to stress up our mind for competition. big shoping time. sing the time. no limit of food... not a hard rules for me. ILOVETHISGAMES. yeahh. i like to be an athletes than be a doctor that check-up on sick people. BORED ! after sukma ended in July, we're fasting time. now, its AUGUST :).. my spm on November. left in 2-3month for it. i was fighting for it. yeahh.. i want it. 

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