i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Guinea Pig *rat family

im here again. talking bout something else.
guinea pig.
i wanna buy it, keep it save and look for it.
i love this cutie little rat :D
i hope it can ake my day brighter everday.
i hope it can be the most important of my biggest money in my life.
i allready found their home, i mean cage.
it costs me Rm79. and it looking really fun.
got the small house where they can sleep at the morning,
got this round tyre where they can exercising itself,
got a long ,colourful and round whole where they can climb and whatever,
got this transparent tube where i can keep their water.
i still wonder what name will be given to them.
i think of two names because i wanna buy one female and one male.
but gotta wait until this thursday on the market.
wish that same guy will carry the same animal to be sell.
i want to buy it for me.
i love it


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