i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Sunday, August 19, 2012


its about hospital. urgggggh ! i really sad about my aunt. she was sick and was told to stay in there until she recover. pity ! on this raya month, she should be in her house with her children. eat eat some food. have a chit-chat on each other. laughing together. this time, Allah gave her the hardest one. i hope she wont fall for the fever tomorrow morning. so doctor will sign her report and come back home earlier. we want her to be with us. Eka, mum and i allready bought some food and things to make raya meal for open house tomorow. i gotta wake up before 6 and re'do what my mum did everyday. i gotta replace her. well, im the first daughter. who else that gonna take this responsibility..? my dad..? siblings..? and the om..? oh damn. they just screw up. i pray for a better tomorrow. please Allah. listen my praying here. Amin....

Allahuakhbar ~

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