i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Thursday, August 23, 2012


oh yeahh. i never get the time for typing yesterday. been busy ! at 2pm i went to register to do check-up on my teeth. last month my tooth become more sensitive.dentist said that it allready broke but not all of it. all my teeth were healthier but this one was not good at all. dentist said it must be removed but if i do so, it cant grow one to replaced it. fucking shizzzz tooth ! uhhh ! its been devided into 4parts. but only 1part has broke. the other was still good. dentist said again that theres no option for me unless removed it or just let it be like that. HELL. its hurt ! im not gonna make my smile ruin because of this tooth. what a damn ! mum said, just do the crowning, crowning means that get the broken replaced with another new one by not removed all parts of the tooth. like she did. i gotta make a new appoitment to her dentist. im not gonna kiss my husband with this broken tooth. HUH !. damn it. im gonna do the crowning. im gonna make my smile perfectly. i went back home after did survaying on my GuineaPigs. but theres no petshop selling it. just a damn things again. i know, today was a bad day. ;( see yaa

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