i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Saturday, August 18, 2012

dear mr.Pet

Hello guys :)
How was your day..?
i felt not good.
i need someone to share my life.
but i dont really desprated for a boy.
i talk for a couple guys, they were totally different from what i espect to be.
i think this world is leak of the real man.
the real one who really know how to comfort a girl, accepting whatever happen on a girl.
on this century, guys love to have sex chat, or just playing around.
i tried to make friends form the internet.
non of them acting cool for me.
i tried to be good friends but they ask for something i dont need.
they dont get what i want.
i wanted someone who can stand beside me while im crying. give kisses when im alone, hug me when im down.
that someone who dont belong from my family.
who can play hide-seek with me. drive me to happiness. teach me how to live on this life. how to survive from people outthere.
i wish i can meet this someone guy one day.
even i cant make a bestfriend which i saw on movies that shared their life together.
dear God, u really give me the hardest time here.
i hope u give me someone who can shared mylife with these.
where can i find this someone..?
life does not going to be easy.
i know that.
i wish.
i got that someone.
i went to the market today.
i allready decided to buy a Guinea pig,, some kind of rat but looks like hamster.
i tried to make this pet as the someone that i really need.
but unluckly,
i dont 
see any of them sell this pet today *sundaymornng*
why..? why is this happen.
i have texted some of my friends but it doesnt work better.
i cant find the true friendship in this world again.
i was really upset on what this world life going on.
am i the only one who still keep on oldstyle lifes..?
where are you mr.Someone...?
i wish i can meet you someday.


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