i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CYBER-chat life

ohhh godness ! this kind of topic was so terrible. please, underage people dont read it.

ohwell, where should i start..? hmm. i felt bored that night. so i try to find chatting web to improve my english and chat to overseas people. i went to this site Chatting.com. there were hundreds people everyday chatting there. the most famous topic is SEXS ! ohdamn. killing me ! cut my throat ! most of them were indians. and they like to talk about sex. like to have sex cam, sex chat, and sex life... why can i find this someone there..? i only found this freaking sex people. i dnt know how they lived everyday. i cannot imagine how they lived in their home. freak-out !!!! i know sex is important but why should they do this sex things on this chatting web..? hell man. u can do sex with real people in the pub. thats is the good way out of this. HUH ! stfu

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