i am who I AM

i am who I AM

Thursday, August 23, 2012

4hamster :)

today i bought 4 hamster. well ! i was a bit upset after went to tamu keningau and didnt saw the pet-seller that sell guineapig last thursday. i bought 2 at tamu with rm10 each. after that i went to Jc Aquarium and i know this shop only sell fish but they sell hamster too and turtles, frog, and cages. i went there and bought hamster cage. i bought another 2hamster here. this is just because of upsetting that i cant buy guineapig today. so whatever ! i got 4hamster now. i wish i can manage to look after them. after i lost my first hamster last 2years. the bigger one i called KOJEK. the white-lightbrown i called LUNA. and the 2one, i cant pick a name for them. one is the smallest amongst them with black-white. and one with white-browngrey. i wish they can make me busy all the time. so i can decrease my bored freetime. :) i hope, next week, i find the pet-seller at tamu. so i can get my guinea pig rats. Grrrr xD iloveyou pets.

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